Waste monitoring is a crucial part of any waste management strategy. Our clients need to make sure that levels of emissions from their projects or operations meet regulatory requirements for the health & safety of the community. We monitor a variety of forms of waste so that our clients can be confident they are meeting their obligations.

Biosolid sampling

We collect and analyse biosolids - the solid, organic matters separated from sewage during treatment - for clients who need to know the concentration of chemical elements, nutrients and contaminants in them. This determines whether the biosolids can be reused or must be disposed of, according to strict regulations which ensure a high level of protection for the environment and public health.

Landfill monitoring

Local councils and landfill operators must meet tightening regulations, and increased expectations around control and management of their landfill sites. To help these clients meet these regulations and expectations we offer a variety of services using the best available technology.

  • Water monitoring:
    • groundwater sampling and analysis (low flow, 3-volume, passive and in situ)
    • surface water sampling
    • sampling from leachate sbores, pits and dams.


  • Landfill gas monitoring:
    • bore monitoring (CO2, H2S, O2, CH4, CO)
    • surface emissions monitoring (CH4 and other gases)
    • buildings and underground services monitoring (CH4)
    • subsurface landfill gas sampling (canister sampling)
    • landfill gas leak/integrity testing.


  • Reporting
    • trigger level reporting
    • factual data reporting
    • full interpretive annual reporting including chemistry exceedance tables, groundwater contouring, time series and data display such as piper analysis, schoeller and stiff diagrams.