Ventia is Australia's largest and most diverse provider of Defence estate support services and facilities management, operating across all states and territories.

We have over 35 years of history working on the Defence estate and in support Defence operations during day-to-day activities and in response to emergencies. We deliver reliability, innovation and contemporary thinking across a range of services for the estate and for those working and living on the estate. We support capability through services such as; asset management and maintenance, ranges and training area management, airfield management, land management and environmental services, project management, firefighting and rescue services, hospitality and catering, domestic services and transport services. 

We are successful at delivering this diverse range of services across such a vast geographic expanse through our committed and passionate employees, a mature network of industry strategic vendors and a mature supply chain.

Examples of some of the services that we deliver in serving Defence across Australia include:


Asset (Built and Natural) Management and Maintenance

We bring a strong vision of decreasing risk through preventative and predictive asset modelling utilising trusted, effective, and efficient data supplying the information that drives knowledge. 

Our capabilities in asset management range from delivering asset optimisation and modelling, deploying the latest in IoT sensor technology, through to maintaining assets via our in-house drone solutions team. Ventia drives and implements best practice asset management across planned, reactive, proactive, preventative, and conditional maintenance from hand over through to end-of-life with a focus on optimisation of capability. 

We combine best-practice guidelines with an intimate working knowledge of the drivers of ecosystems and landscapes to support Defence as the largest Commonwealth landowner in Australia. We also support surrounding property owners and communities to develop and implement sustainable landscape management plans.

In line with our Sustainability Strategy, our goal is to embed environmental management excellence in all our workplaces and to take the lead in environmental protection and enhancement solutions.  

This allows Defence to make informed decisions on when, where and how they need to invest in the estate.


Living and Working Services

Ventia serves over 6 million nutritious meals every year, and we are passionate about providing consistent high quality food with seasonal variation and nutritional well-being. We support Australian growers through the delivery of contemporary creative food and dining options.

In support of Defence living and working on base, we provide a diverse range of integrated services including cleaning over 100,000 accommodation rooms and living environments per year, plus we keep members safe in the pool and gym, provide support to member fitness, provide fresh clean linen, manage transport and member movements, through an experienced team of technical and customer excellence champions. 

Ventia is successful at assisting Defence during surge, heightened activity, and emergency response such as natural crisis with bush fires, floods and cyclone. We provide exercise support across the country, and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief (HADR) through our extensive network of suppliers, passionate people, and solid leadership. Ventia is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of Defence and the surrounding community.

Serving Defence when, where and how they need it the most.


Firefighting and Emergency Services

For over 20 years, Ventia has operated Australia's largest private firefighting service supporting aviation, structural, bushfire and hazard response, and first responder emergency services through serving Defence. 

With a mature team of 300+ firefighters and associated fire appliances, across multiple states, geographic conditions, and legislative requirements, we have an intimate knowledge of the Defence working environments and operating capabilities. Ventia is proud of our gender diverse and Veteran crews across the country bringing industry best practice to the Defence estate.

Whilst we are always at the ready, the efficiency and effectiveness of the teams and the fire appliances were tested to their fullest during the protection of several Defence estates in the 2019/20 bushfires, working alongside the community, Defence, supporting fire authorities and international fire experts. 


Working with the Ventia Defence team

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