We have a proven record in managing complex projects throughout Australia’s southern regions.

From shipbuilding blast and paint services, to undertaking critical maintenance on telecommunication assets in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands; from upgrading the digital infrastructure of a hospital, to delivering natural gas to Adelaide homes and businesses, and working with Kangaroo Island Council on bushfire management strategies - Ventia’s South Australian projects are as diverse as they are complex. 

On some projects, lives depend on the quality of the job we do. For the construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, we provided key digital infrastructure to ensure high quality, fast communications. For our telecommunications team who worked on the project, there is a sense of pride in seeing how the hospital, and specifically our networks, have performed throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Rail teams work from Adelaide to Port Augusta. We maintain rail for key clients, small and large. We manage and operate our own resurfacing fleet and are Rolling Stock Accredited operators. 

Making infrastructure work for our communities is why we are here; and a great example of this is the ground-breaking work we have been doing with the Department of Defence on removing historical PFAS contaminants from the environment. We have recently completed a trial successfully removing up to 99% of PFAS contaminants from many soil concentrations and types at the Australian Department of Defence RAAF Base Edinburgh using our world-leading PFAS removal technology - SourceZone®.  

Key statistics

  • A team of 7,000 employees and contractors 
  • Our gas team has replaced close to 60km of gas mains in South Australia
  • Our Environment team has removed the equivalent of ~25 years’ worth of historical firefighting PFAS contamination from Defence RAAF Base Edinburgh
  • Our resources team has deployed well drilling using a Rig 106, with a mast capacity of 750,000 pounds, 1,600-barrel mud system and three 1,600 horsepower mud pumps
  • Our Maritime team has over 20 years work in Techport SA, supporting the Collins Class submarines, Hobart Class Destroyers and Arafura Class OPV

Some of our work in SA

Supporting the Woomera JAXA mission

Ventia was proud to support the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Hayabusa2, asteroid sample return mission, that successfully completed in the early hours of Sunday morning, 6 December.  As the prime Estate Maintenance and Operational Services (EMOS) provider to the Australian Department of Defence in South Australia, the Ventia team provided logistics support to the mission that was conducted at the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA). Our subsidiary, Rig & Well services, also provided remote satellite network communications systems to support the research teams in the field and back to base.

Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is the most technologically advanced health facility in the country, featuring leading integrated communications technology. Working as part of a broader integrated design and construction team, we designed, installed and commissioned key components of the next-generation ICT infrastructure, including 32,000 network ports, 700+ Cisco network routers and switches, 2,000+ wireless location transmitters and readers, 2 data centres and 62 distribution rooms. Read more here

PFAS contamination solution

Ventia’s expertise in land remediation has led us to develop a highly effective and sustainable treatment technology for the removal of PFAS contamination from soils. PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) are contaminants in common household products and firefighting foams. Such contaminants are found at sites across the country. Our unique technology SourceZone® was successfully proven at full scale in 2019 at the RAAF Base Edinburgh, some 30km north of Adelaide. Read more here

Ship building and sustainment

Ventia brings decades of maritime expertise and extensive cross-industry experience to shipbuilding, sustainment and navigational aids maintenance. We have been continuously involved in shipbuilding and maritime sustainment, working on prominent naval infrastructure projects at Techport SA , including Collins Class submarines, Hobart Class destroyers, and Arafura Class offshore patrol vessels. Read more here.