National design and construction project to provide voice, data and IP to Telstra's retail and wholesale business customers.

Keeping Australia connected

As reliance on technology expands exponentially, the demand for reliable, available and robust networks across retail, residential, corporate and government sectors will only increase.

Ventia works with carriers and vendors to deliver reliable, available and robust networks, across retail, residential, corporate and government sectors. We utilise leading technologies to deliver efficient, integrated solutions for our customers.

Innovative, whole-of-life solutions

Telstra awarded Ventia national design and construction contract for the delivery of Wideband services and associated infrastructure. Wideband Technologies is a generic term used in Telstra to describe its suite of voice, data and IP products with a transmission bandwidth of 2Mbps through to 10Gbps plus.

The products delivered comprise all types of technologies with bandwidths commencing at two megabits up to many gigabits per second. These products facilitate ISDN voice and data, and a range of other high-speed data applications. The technologies use a variety of transmission mediums such as SDH, IP, PDH and fibre optic and copper technologies to connect the customer's services to the greater telecommunications network.

Ventia's service requirements have been extensive and include:

  • pit and pipe installation
  • street and in-building cable hauls
  • equipment rack installation in telephone exchanges and on customer premises
  • managing building owner access and permissions
  • obtaining council authorisations
  • conducting environmental and heritage searches.

Wideband services and associated transmission infrastructure is delivered by Ventia's highly skilled design and construction workforce for a variety of Telstra's Retail and Wholesale business' corporate customers.

Experience and expertise where it counts

Ventia has built a reputation for delivering critical networks, and seamlessly integrating new network elements into complex existing networks. Our in-house engineering expertise ensures the solution is custom designed for your network, using the most innovative technologies available to optimise the lifecycle of your asset.

With more than 20 years' experience in the networks market, an award winning safety record and expertly skilled team, Ventia brings together a diverse range of technologies and data from multiple sources without compromising integrity and reliability, to deliver whole-of-life solutions.

Having built some of the largest fibre optic and mobile networks in Australia and New Zealand and having maintained both new and existing network access across the region, Ventia has the experience and expertise to deliver comprehensive Carrier and ISP solutions.

Project highlights

  • Ventia has actioned in excess of 300 work orders per month, from pit installations through to obtaining council authorisations.
  • In 2012, Telstra renewed Ventia's contract for another three years with an optional two-year extension.
  • Project solutions delivered covered all types of technologies with bandwidths commencing at two megabits per second. 

We work hard to deliver value and drive network efficiency by providing end-to-end solutions from design to build, integration and ongoing maintenance of the asset.