To help keep traffic moving efficiently and safely on one of Australia's busiest motorways, we provide 24/7 incident management services, on behalf of our client Transurban, for the CityLink Motorway in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our contract team of approximately 25 people, provides prompt clearance solutions and traffic management for road hazards such as breakdowns, accidents and spills. Our focus is always on the safety of our people and road users, whilst also ensuring a safe motorway is sustained. 

We know that traffic never stops so neither can we. Watch our video below about how everyday along motorways that cross city and county, Ventia partners with Transurban to keep road users moving and to keep them safe.

Effective response capacity

The CityLink Motorway comprises 33kms of Melbourne's busy road network and has a traffic volume that averages 330,000 vehicles every day. Our incident management teams attend to approximately 660 incidents every month on the motorway. We use our expertise to safely:

  • remove broken down and abandoned vehicles
  • remove debris
  • provide traffic management and roadside assistance
  • identify and remove hazards
  • conduct shunting operations
  • provide assistance to emergency services

Building on the success of the incident management services we provide to Transurban, our client has now expanded our incident management network to include an additional 11km of motorway, incorporating the West Gate Bridge which connects the CBD with the western suburbs of Melbourne.

This section of motorway carries 220,000 vehicles per day on average. To service this critical piece of road infrastructure, we will add four more high-tech incident management vehicles, and 15 incident patrollers to our team.

Using the best equipment and technology

Since Transurban introduced the safe clearance incident response model, incidents are being cleared faster and safer, resulting in a 55% reduction in clearance times.  The benefits include more consistent travel times, and approximately $23 million of savings per year to motorists as a result of decreased congestion.  

On average, our crews respond to approximately 150 incidents per week. By introducing a new fleet of Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) and tow trucks, we've reduced the time it takes for them to get to incidents and the time it takes to clear them. The TMAs, (effectively portable crash barriers), also better protect our people and those we are helping on the road.

In addition, the automated cradle system on the tow trucks we operate allows disabled vehicles to be self-loaded and towed from the scene swiftly, leading to the tow truck operator spending less time outside the vehicle. This is important for their own safety, the safety of the people involved in the incident, and that of other motorists.

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