When nature strikes, all too often the infrastructure our communities rely on can be damaged. When storms, floods or bushfires hit amongst the many structures and facilities that are damaged, critical communication networks are often some that need restoring the soonest.

This is because communication is vital during a disaster response effort - for impacted people, for businesses and for essential and emergency services. When a major event such as the recent east coast floods in Australia occurs, our telecommunications clients look to us to help support them in the disaster recovery process. 

The Ventia Network Operations Centre (NOC) works with our clients to maintain communications so that emergency services are not impacted, lifelines are maintained during adverse conditions, and families and friends can check in with each other.

'It is part of Ventia's commitment to both client and the community, to be there when we are needed,' said NOC Dispatch Lead Kathryn Deans. 

Road surrounded by flood water

Over a 29-day period, the Ventia Network Operations Centre saw over 160 requests for support at essential network sites along the east coast. In many instances - and provided it is safe to do so - our technicians enter areas while flood waters are still present in order to get network sites back up and running as quickly as possible.

"A lot of thought goes into dispatching a team to even one job; weather conditions, road closures and potential hazards are assessed," said Kathryn.

"All staff are placed into our Jeopardy Management system and make contact with the Operations Centre at a minimum of two hourly intervals - less, if their situation warrants it - with their vehicle details logged and recorded. 

"Our field staff are an invaluable resource and we depend on them to tell us what's happening on the ground. They have the knowledge, experience and the expertise to navigate and understand the hazards involved and relay real-time information about what can be done to mitigate adverse conditions."

Read more about our essential network services capabilities here: https://www.ventia.com/capabilities/essential-network-services

Flood response vehicle