When faced with a common and complex problem, we utilised technology to form solutions for the client with successful results.

Recognising a common problem

An ongoing battle on sites like these is ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date documentation. With paper job packages, it is difficult for site protagonists to access current versions of rapidly changing drawings and scope documents. This can cause confusion and lost productivity.


Identifying this potentially disastrous and expensive scenario, we installed a site-wide Wi-Fi network and distributed mobile tablets to more than 100 people.

We utilised cloud technology to update drawings and instructions as they came to hand, ensuring every project leader had the same information in the palm of their hand.

Recognising that reducing our reliance on paper exposed us to seemingly merciless (and often cataclysmic) technology failures, we installed a back-up server, alleviating worry by guaranteeing that our cloud-based information was secure.

Our three week operation at its Texas plant involved more than 700 people collectively notching up 350,000 work hours.


More than 1,100 job packages were contained and frequently updated within the mobile tablets we provided.

Users cited the tablets' propensity to save time, easily track safety indicators, and integrate scheduling and cost control systems as the best aspects of the innovation.

The above improvements represent a resounding tick for the Broadspectrum-implemented mobile tablets and Wi-Fi network. These technologies are yet another step we take to guarantee our deadlines and deliver our promises.

This solution is implemented across all appropriate Broadspectrum sites.

We achieved ours - and the client's - goals by using personal tablets to improve documentation communication.