The Venture Smart team specialise in managing the logistical challenges of removal, installation and replacement of critical electrical infrastructure on the Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) network.

A recent project saw the team delivering a large project that included street lighting, Principal Shared Path (PSP) lighting and live edge protection permanent fencing in and around the state government's Parliament House on the Mitchell Freeway.

Project scope

The project included:

  • Installation of two new switchboards, new lighting and associated cabling on the outside verges of the Mitchell Freeway between Mount Street and Murray Street
  • Removal of existing lighting poles and asbestos pits on the median strip
  • Replacement of under bridge lighting at the Malcolm Street, Hay Street and Murray Street bridges
  • Installation of new lighting and associated cabling on the east and west side of the Mitchell Freeway, notably along the WA Parliament House boundary
  • Replacement of PSP lighting at the Malcolm Street underpass
  • Installation of in-ground lighting under Mount Street and removal of existing lighting
  • Installation of around 470 metres of in-ground mounted balustrades and 700 metres of wall-mounted handrails.


Managing a complex site

The location of the installation and replacement activity meant that the times available to undertake work were constrained by morning and evening peak hour traffic restrictions, as well as restrictions due to PSP stakeholder requirements.

There were also environmental challenges with the site, such as 'dieback' - where there are issues of vegetation disease, which requires a site management plan to mitigate the spread to other areas.

A final challenge involved the extension of the area included in the project, introducing a need for additional permit requirements and an impact on scheduling. The team's ability to be flexible and manage a change in scope after the project had commenced was demonstrated by an avoidance of delays, and a delivery of the project on time and on budget via a strong change control process.

Delivering solutions 

The Venture Smart team was able to reduce lead times and minimise impacts to the public via the MRWA-approved use of pre-cast footings. By avoiding the need to bring concrete trucks to site, we reduced our carbon footprint and disruption of access to the area for the general public.

The development and implementation of Dieback Management Plan in a limited timeframe was another success factor for this project. We achieved this with the aid of our Environmental department, who developed and refined a site-specific plan for the affected area.

We sat down and discussed our plans with all the project stakeholders to minimise any delays, disruptions and inconveniences to business and communities. Venture Smart works closely with clients like MRWA to deliver infrastructure to the people. This project ensured the community can continue to enjoy safe, reliable and modern infrastructure."  - Allen Hokonya, ECW Supervisor

Stakeholder engagement

Key stakeholders for this project included the City of Perth, West Cycle, Department of Transport and members of the public. The misidentification or delayed identification of stakeholders can cause significant delays to a project like this, so it was crucial to develop a strong stakeholder engagement plan, incorporating audiences, channels and activities.

Interface with the public included mail drops when key construction activities were occurring, with details around work hours, type of work and any mitigations in place. We also developed noise management plans, which were followed carefully to ensure the impact of our work was as low as practical.


Venture Smart is a joint venture (JV) company, created via a partnership between Ventia and Johnson Controls and has been working on the Statewide Electrical Infrastructure services contract since 2018.