Toowoomba and the Surat Basin are continuing to experience high growth and increased investment generated by an active resource sector, growing infrastructure requirements, seasoned agricultural productivity, and many other successful industries.

Behind this thriving local economy is a realm of collaboration many would be unaware existed, with community-centered, innovative solutions at the forefront of operations.

As the sponsor of TSBE's recent Enterprise Evening, Ventia, is fast making an impact in the region with the rebrand of our subsidiary Easternwell, a proudly home-grown Toowoomba drilling and well servicing company, and our support of other major energy and infrastructure projects in the region.

Some of the region's major energy projects supported by us include providing drilling and well servicing operations for Senex Energy's natural gas development projects; Santos GLNG gas field development project; and other significant natural gas development projects in the Surat Basin. We also provide operations and maintenance services for the Millmerran Power Station and village and mobile camp services for more than 5,000 beds daily.

Additionally, we support infrastructure projects across the region including incident management and road maintenance of the Toowoomba Bypass; delivery of services to the Oakey and Cabarlah Defence Bases; services for Energy Queensland and support services for Toowoomba's NBN installation.

More broadly in Queensland, projects include rail maintenance for Brisbane Airport Rail Link; cleaning and maintenance services for schools; electronic monitoring services for the Queensland Police Service; incident management and road maintenance for the Gateway and Logan motorways; and telecommunications network builds and maintenance for communities across the state.


Pictured above: Rod McCurdy at TSBE's Enterprise evening 

Ventia's Group Executive for Infrastructure Services, Rod McCurdy, said we work behind the scenes to keep infrastructure working for our communities and creating strong community ties is fundamental to our long-term success.

Our mission is making infrastructure work for our communities - so it is up to us to deliver the essential services they rely on to stay safe, connected and ultimately, thrive.

Ventia has almost 2,000 people working on projects in Queensland with approximately 40% of our workforce providing essential infrastructure services in Toowoomba and the Surat Basin region.

"We employ local people and engage with local businesses to support our service delivery and make a positive economic contribution to the region." 

Ventia provides services for more than 45 projects throughout Queensland and invests heavily in the state's economy, spending $400 million with more than 2,500 businesses, including $35 million with Indigenous businesses in 2021.

"We also provide financial assistance for local groups and projects to build regional strength and sustainability through social activity."

Through our community grants program 193 groups in Toowoomba and the Surat Basin region have received more than $300,000 in the last 10 years for essential community projects.

"We look forward to continuing to support employment, business and social opportunities for communities in Toowoomba and the Surat Basin."