Our dedicated Indigenous Employment team (TRECCA) was formed in 2016 and is tasked with achieving significant and sustainable growth in the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women employed by Ventia, its related entities and subcontractors.

The team uses individual and systemic interventions to break employment barriers and support the business to create a culturally safe environment that fosters employee retention and consists primarily of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment specialists, located across Australia. The team is passionately committed to creating employment opportunities for Indigenous people nationwide.

Partnering with industry and working across sectors including transport, resources, critical infrastructure, health, housing, defence, justice and education means we can offer a variety of roles for a wide range of people with different skills and capabilities - from cleaners to vehicle mechanics, fire fighters, correctional officers, administrators, project managers and leaders.

Directly confronting the challenges that research shows have a significant impact on Indigenous employment - such as barriers to employment post-incarceration and the need for pre-vocational training that connects trainees to real job opportunities - has a positive economic impact for the community, reducing the welfare, incarceration and housing costs associated with Indigenous unemployment.

Ventia can provide sustained employment throughout challenging times, when the significance of making infrastructure work for our communities is heightened. This has been highlighted in 2020 through our work with government on COVID-19 and bushfire responses. To support the NSW Department of Education's scale-up cleaning services in response to COVID-19, we hired 60 Indigenous people into cleaning roles in just one month. 

Our commitment to growth and sustainability in Indigenous employment is ongoing and unwavering as a focus and goal of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Ventia is proud to develop key partnerships and to drive necessary institutional and systemic change to achieve long-term recruitment and retention goals to improve employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The core activities of the Indigenous employment team include:

  • Targeted recruiting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women
  • Creating community connections and collaborating with community partners to reach Indigenous job seekers
  • Breaking barriers to Indigenous employment and helping to 'close the gap' for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Building retention programs and supporting long-term, sustainable career growth for our Indigenous employee.

We are able to provide candidates and clients with: 

  • A range of meaningful opportunities across remote, regional and metropolitan Australia, in varied industries and roles
  • A respectful understanding of and approach to social and cultural challenges
  • A culture of listening to and walking with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  
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