As a business that is committed to supporting our clients and communities to create a cleaner future, we are proud to have led construction of one of the first inner-city community batteries ever installed in Australia.  

The community battery is a project by the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), on behalf of the local community in Fitzroy North, and is supported by a range of partners from across government and the private sector. YEF is a not-for-profit providing energy solution services and advice to homes and businesses in the Yarra Council.

Ventia has led the construction of the Fitzroy North Community Battery for Yarra Energy Foundation

The Ventia Victorian Telecommuncations team has led the construction of the Fitzroy North Community Battery project for Yarra Energy Foundation. Photo by Matt Krumins, courtesy of City of Yarra

The Fitzroy North Community Battery will help increase community-wide access to locally produced renewable energy. Fitzroy North is a suburb of inner Melbourne, and the construction of this project was led by our Victorian Telecommunications team, bringing expertise developed across many years of delivering innovative power solutions to our clients.  

A community battery is a mid-scale energy storage unit (typically about the size of a small 4WD vehicle). It is designed for a neighbourhood, which allows the wider community to access and store renewable energy. During the day, the battery charges using energy captured from solar panels in the neighborhood. In the evening, the battery then discharges this energy back to the local neighbourhood allowing them to extend the solar hours well after the sun has gone down. 

Two artists decorating the community battery

Artists decorating the community battery in Fitzroy North. Artist credit: Hayden Dewar - Set the controls to harness the sun 2022, acrylic and aerosol paint, 220cm x 310cm x 80cm. Photo by Matt Krumins, courtesy of City of Yarra

As we continue on our journey to redefine service excellence, we seek new ways of differentiating ourselves through our client focus, innovation and commitment to sustainability. The Fitzroy North Community Battery is a great example of putting this strategy into action.

Our Telco team has deep experience in delivering innovative power and energy systems to enhance resilience and improve the reliability of networks. These services include energy generation, storage lifecycle management solutions and opportunities to monetise passive energy assets. 

As new technology such as battery technology takes on an increasingly important role in our communities and our shared sustainable future, we're excited to be playing a part in delivering these solutions.


Watch the video below to find out more.

Artist credit: Hayden Dewar
Title: Set the controls to harness the sun 2022
acrylic and aerosol paint
220cm x 310cm x 80cm