For more than 25 years our team has worked closely with government, local community groups and community housing providers to provide training, skills and employment opportunities to vulnerable tenants.

Providing short-term crisis and emergency accommodation as well as long-term, secure and affordable public, community and Aboriginal housing for people in our communities on low incomes, or who may have recently experienced family violence, homelessness or have special needs is a significant responsibly for governments, community and not-for-profit agencies in the Social Housing sector.

Social housing tenants are among the most vulnerable of people in our communities, often with high and complex needs. Being able to contribute positively to society and ‘break the cycle’ of their struggle can be challenging.

At Ventia, we work closely with tenant participation groups and programs to share information on initiatives, align our efforts and provide mutual support to benefit overall social housing outcomes. Training, skills and employment opportunities for tenants is essential to our service model, so we can contribute to liveability for families, whilst working towards social improvement goals with government, community housing providers and not-for-profits.

Our social housing call centre has proven performance in delivering large-scale, high quality, efficient call management and response using industry leading technology. Well-developed scripting accurately identifies and despatches work to ensure that the right person, equipped with the right skills and tools is at the right place at the scheduled time. 

We currently actively service more than 75,000 social housing properties. By engaging Ventia, our clients gain access to systems, processes and learnings from our wider operations.

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