Whether in the Australian outback, through New Zealand’s diverse landscape or in our bustling cities, Ventia develops market-leading solutions in rail. As a leader in integrated transport solutions, we design, build, operate and maintain freight, passenger and metro commuter lines and light rail.

Road congestion, rising fuel prices, environmental concerns and growing populations have seen a resurgence in the popularity of rail transport as citizens look for safe, easy and reliable ways to commute. Designing, constructing and maintaining rail assets and facilities, from train to track often for an enduring life cycle is a significant undertaking that requires extensive care and planning.

Ventia excels in large-scale rectification works and sophisticated asset management capabilities. Through intelligent rail solutions, our clients can enhance asset efficiency and durability, as well as improve services for rail users.

By combining expert consultancy skills with proven front line services, we develop and design assets with long-term maintenance front of mind. Leveraging and developing new innovations and best practice procedures from across the globe to enhance new assets we design, while proactively applying this capability to existing assets, analysing data to identify and develop trends and create care or maintenance schedules.