Traffic Management Centres are the nerve centre of road transport operations for our crucial road corridors across Australia. Working closely with government agencies and providers to maximise the safety and efficiency of the road network, TMC's operate 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Traffic Managers deploy network management strategies to balance and prioritise the needs of different road users based on data and insights received via smart technologies and respond to incidents and events that may disrupt traffic safety or flow.  

Delivering real-time, responsive traffic management to all road users requires high volume public contact, as well as systems management and data analysis on a constant basis. Our Traffic Management Centres are a complete, end-to-end service and technology solution to support this intensive demand. TMC services can also be shaped and focused to support the needs of any facet of an existing Traffic Management Centre. 

From reporting of faults and hazards to ensuring a planned and immediate response to incidents that may be detrimental to traffic flow or public safety, our expertise in traffic management and planning, incident and emergency response, major events and contact centre management can be combined and resourced to support any crucial transportation route. 

Supported by advanced radio and communications capabilities that connect the TMC to incident response, emergency services and maintenance personnel, on any given day a Traffic Management Centre team can respond to:

  • traffic light or signal faults.
  • vehicle breakdowns.
  • vehicle crashes.
  • on-road debris and spills.
  • other reported hazards.
  • natural disaster situations, such as fires or floods.
  • major sporting and social events.


We recommend integrated smart technologies that power our Intelligent Transport Systems to deliver sharp, on-point insights to Traffic Management Centres, and support fast and effective decisions that drive performance.