We give our clients accurate, real-time information on water quantity, quality and availability, so they can effectively manage their water resources. 

No matter the location, we offer a variety of surface water monitoring services that meet clients' environmental monitoring requirements. From site installation, operation and maintenance to data collection and quality assurance, all aspects are overseen by our highly-trained specialists.

We understand the importance of delivering the best possible data in the best possible way. That's why we use telemetry - to access data as it happens via a secure website - and customised dashboards, so clients can make important operational decisions in real time.  

Our specialists are highly experienced in operating existing, long-term water monitoring stations, and in establishing and managing new sites. 

We continuously monitor water quantity and quality - including stream flows, water temperature, salinity, pH and turbidity - and collect water samples for quality testing. 

Our data and hydrology specialists solve client's challenges around water quantity, quality and availability. This includes anything from field investigation and performing stream discharge measurements to analysis, quality assurance and data storage. 

A key part of this work is producing stage (level) - discharge (flow) rating tables. These tables allow us to calculate flow data and form the basis for the data management, interpretation, storage, analysis and reporting we do for our clients.  

Ventia also offers meter verification services. Our specialised measurement techniques include calculating the accuracy of in situ testing of small farm irrigation meters to support network accuracy. 

As part of our commitment to harnessing the latest technology, we're developing more complex 'rating tables'. This includes the correction tables required for direct velocity measurement with instrumentation, known as Index Tables.

Our extensive surface water monitoring services span the following areas. 

  • Site Design, Installation and Operation
  • Network Design, Installation and Operation
  • Surface Water Sampling and Monitoring
  • Effluent and Sludge Sampling
  • Recycled Water Monitoring
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Dam and Reservoir Monitoring
  • Reactive and Routine Water Quality Monitoring
  • Telemetry installation and operation
  • Real time Discharge monitoring
  • Real time water quality monitoring
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • LORAWAN Installation and Operation
  • Telemetry (ERRTs, Mobile, Satellite) Installation and Operation
  • Water Quality Sensors
  • Real Time Data and KPI Dashboards
  • Water Level and Discharge
  • Report writing including: site assessments, trend analysis, trigger level reporting, and factional data reporting
  • Full interpretive annual reporting including chemistry exceedance tables, analyte concentration contouring, time series and data display.