Providing enhanced well services for workover operations

Snubbing can maintain the integrity of an oil and gas well and increase its productive time, reducing costs and downtime of the well for our clients.

Ventia's newest rigs, the Advantage Light Rig Extra (ALRx) have built-in push-pull capability for shallower underbalanced well intervention operations, enabling operations to move more quickly with less downtime.

For deeper wells with higher pressures, a Rig Assist Snubbing unit comes into play.

Through an agreement with Momentum Well Services, Ventia can provide both integrated push-pull and rig assist snubbing options for customers.

Snubbing is a technique to install or remove tubular (pipe) from a well, while the well remains under pressure or a live well. The advantage of snubbing is that work can be performed without stopping the well, thereby eliminating possible reservoir formation impairment and costly stimulation operations to get the well flowing again. By maintaining the integrity of the well and increasing its productive time, our customers benefit from reduced costs and downtime of the well.

Together with our experienced teams, Ventia (previously Easternwell) can provide customers with Rig Assist snubbing options for deeper wells with higher pressure. The Rig Assist snubbing unit is a standalone piece of equipment that attaches to the workover rig during well servicing operations.