Ventia brings decades of maritime expertise and extensive cross-industry experience to shipbuilding, sustainment and navigational aids maintenance.

Ventia's shipbuilding DNA goes back to the 1990s, when a Ventia parent company was prime contractor for the Anzac Class frigate build, the largest defence project in Australia at the time.

Since then, we've been continuously involved in shipbuilding and maritime sustainment, working on prominent naval infrastructure projects at Techport SA (including Collins Class submarines, Hobart Class destroyers, and Arafura Class offshore patrol vessels) and the Garden Island Dockyard in Sydney.

Just as important, we bring to shipbuilding and sustainment the know-how, experience and technology of the largest infrastructure company in Australia and New Zealand, having worked on some of the nation's most critical assets in tightly regulated industries.

Our workforce of over 35,000 represents a vast range of skills used in the construction, maintenance and operation of major assets like naval ships and submarines. We have a long record of successfully deploying internal and external staff on short notice to meet surge demand.

Our capabilities include:

  • Shipbuilding: Targeted support to meet specialised, unexpected or time-critical needs in naval shipbuilding projects.
  • Maritime sustainment: Using our critical infrastructure capabilities to keep naval assets available and in peak condition while optimising maintenance budgets.
  • Navigational aids maintenance: A specialist capability backed by over 25 years' experience.