At Ventia, we understand that environmental monitoring is fundamental to providing the services that keep infrastructure working for our communities. 

We partner with our clients to provide reliable, efficient and consistent environmental monitoring expertise, so they can ensure their projects meet regulatory requirements for the health and safety of the community.  

Our highly experienced specialists monitor water, soil and air for all environmental parameters, delivering accurate, real-time and in-depth data on environmental conditions that our clients can depend on to make informed decisions. 

Our team monitors over 150 permanent water information stations, including stream, irrigation, water storage, water quality and meteorological sites. We also monitor over 6,500 bores and 750-plus service stations across Australia. 

Over half of our monitoring networks use innovative telemetry technology, providing near real-time data to our clients via cloud-based software. Clients can quickly and easily access this data on a secure, dedicated website, and track environmental performance against their KPIs. 

Our broad environment monitoring capabilities include air monitoring, groundwater monitoring, petroleum monitoring, sewer monitoring and surface water monitoring. 

We can deliver our monitoring services at a range of locations including:

  • wastewater treatment plants
  • landfills
  • mining operations
  • power generation
  • long-term water monitoring sites
  • flood warning sites
  • meteorological stations
  • irrigation sites.