We offer stable and scalable electronic monitoring that supports multiple types of devices. Our managed services provide 24/7 compliance monitoring and supervision, while allowing the individual to safely engage with family and community.

Electronic monitoring aims to reduce reoffending by introducing structure and targeted restrictions for an individual, while allowing them to continue positive activities such as employment and rehabilitation programs.

Tailored to support any monitoring device

We work with customers, communities and jurisdictions to provide flexible solutions that meet their policies and objectives, including the support of multiple device types. We are the only provider in Australia and New Zealand to offer this device-agnostic service.

Flexible service options

To deliver a cost-effective service, we can tailor our managed support services to cover what you need. This might include: 

  • 24/7 year-round operation, including device monitoring
  • field operations support such as device fitting and troubleshooting, and visits for alleged breach
  • equipment supply and inventory management
  • business continuity planning and operations
  • application selection and customisation.