Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) rely on secure and scalable communication networks to link a range of smart technologies such as sensors, signage, signalling equipment, mobile response units and traffic cameras back to operations centres to transfer and monitor data and inform decisions that ensure the smooth flow of traffic on major roads. 

With decades of experience delivering diverse communication networks to support critical infrastructure in harsh environments, Ventia can integrate multiple systems to function seamlessly, connecting people with purpose to optimise performance. 

Communication networks form the backbone of safe and reliable transport operations. When it comes to designing, building and maintaining critical fixed and wireless infrastructure, Ventia is known as the partner who always delivers. Our networks are underpinned by the latest technology, to meet the highest possible standards of safety and reliability and keep road and rail running throughout the most challenging developments and 'live' upgrades.
Ventia's transport communications networks are established with the right capacity and features to handle the most demanding ITS applications. Integrating solutions that address issues such as increasing project complexity, multi-vendor integration, asset security and geographical isolation are fundamental to longevity and success. 

Our fixed and wireless communication services extend from site acquisition to structural engineering and design, to construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance in all major cities.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Design, installation, recovery and maintenance of distribution and backbone fibre, coaxial and copper cable networks (new and existing conduits, troughing and cable trays), including splicing, joining, terminating, testing and commissioning.
  • Civil scope including pit and pipe (excavation & underbore), geotechnical, plinths and foundation works.
  • Survey, SAED, installation, commissioning and maintenance of greenfield and brownfield Transmission Base Stations, antennas, poles, and towers.
  • Construction of digital radio networks and associated infrastructure, including installation works in tunnel (and tunnel cross-passage) environments.
  • Design, supply and installation of all back-up power requirements, including battery, solar panels and UPS systems
  • Design and installation of communication equipment rooms, shelters, cabinets and racks.
  • Installation and commissioning of Station and Platform communications and security systems. 
  • Emergency and critical network management through our 24/7, year-round Network Operations Centre (NOC).
  • Network Monitoring System (NMS), such as the one ITS has designed and built for VicRoads. 

As our governments increasingly take an integrated view across transport modes, being equipped to respond to the demands of transport users through enhanced coordination and disruption management requires optimum communication at all times. Infrastructure specialists with an intimate knowledge of the transportation industry will be essential to supply and maintain communications networks capable of meeting the transport industry's unique and growing demands.