We focus on building partnerships that last,steeped in mutual understanding and meaningful engagement, and creating sustained opportunities that generate value to support long-term growth for a diverse range of suppliers.

Supplier diversity promotes the purchase of goods and services supplied by economically excluded and marginalised groups. The ideals of diversity and inclusion are closely aligned to our core values. Ventia actively engages with suppliers that are aligned with our sustainability goals. We seek to build long-term and sustainable relationships with our suppliers to continually improve the environmental, social and economic performance of our supply chain.  

We achieve this by:

  • focusing on needs, reducing demand, reducing waste, considering end-of-life disposal and recycling
  • reducing the consumption of resources and energy over the whole of life, reducing the impacts on the environment, for example CO2 emissions; and
  • working with suppliers to develop innovative solutions and encouraging suppliers to commit to continual improvement over the term of the engagement.


A commitment to supplier diversity

Principles of sustainable procurement


We are all accountable for the impact we have on society, the economy and the environment. We are also responsible for the impact on supply chains over the full life cycle (from acquisition to disposal) of the goods or services that we purchase at Ventia.


Ventia is committed to the principles of free and fair competition and we must ensure arrangements for the supply of goods and services are consistent with the requirements of our Code of Conduct and Business Partners Standard.

Ethical behaviour

We are committed to ethical behaviour in our procurement activities and we promote ethical behaviours throughout our supply chains.  We prefer to use suppliers that are aligned with our Code of Conduct and consistently display ethical behaviour.

Fair opportunity

We should avoid bias and prejudice in all procurement decision making. All suppliers, including local suppliers and small and medium sized enterprises (SME) should have fair opportunity to compete. 

Respect for the law and international norms of behaviour

Ventia does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption whether or not permitted by local law and regardless of differing business practices in countries in which we conduct business. 

Bribery means the offering, giving, granting, promise or acceptance of any payment, gift, promise, benefit, favour or anything of value, either directly or through a third party or agent as an inducement for obtaining any benefit. Corruption means a dishonest activity that involves the abuse of a position of employment, authority, or trust (including Government or company positions) to gain an advantage directly or indirectly.

Ventia complies with all applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws in countries where we operate. Wherever there is a conflict between the Ventia Bribery and Corruption Policy and local law, we will comply with the higher standard.

Respect for human rights

The term modern slavery refers to depriving victims of their freedom by threats, intimidation, coercion or deception. Some examples of workplace modern slavery include debt bondage, trafficking, forced labour and deceptive recruiting. The United Nations (UN) and Walk Free Foundation estimate there are approximately 40 million victims of modern slavery around the world.

Modern slavery

The Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires entities to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains and have strategies in place to manage these risks.  Find our Modern Slavery Statement here

Industry recognition

  • 2023 Winner – Corporate Member of the Year – Supply Nation’s Supplier Diversity Awards
  • 2023 Winner – Dr Dean Jarrett Award recognising Outstanding Impact – Supply Nation’s Supplier Diversity Awards
  • 2021 Finalist – Corporate Member of the Year – Supply Nation’s Supplier Diversity Awards
  • 2018 Winner – Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year – Supply Nation’s Supplier Diversity Awards