We are obsessed with doing things better than we have ever done them before.

We work closely with our clients and partners to solve problems and create opportunities. 

Our enterprise technology platform and data and analytics capabilities enhance transparency, deliver insights and improve productivity.

We invest time with our internal teams and partners to change the future by looking at improvements through our people, processes and technology.

Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration

Our teams are constantly working to create better and smarter solutions for our clients. 

We have put together a program to harness and share those best-in-class examples by monthly sessions around Australia and New Zealand to pitch the most innovative ideas across the business in a spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and fun.

Our core team of innovators, representing every corner of our organisation, facilitate the program that helps develop the best ideas into business cases that can be implemented across sectors to elevate our project solutions and together redefine service excellence.

See a time lapse video of our last session below.

Empowering our people to think differently

Design-thinking workshops assist our teams to think about things differently through a consistent approach regardless of the sector or industry they work in.

The Ven10 format is a brainstorming technique unique to Ventia, and the methodology encourages ideas into a funnel that is peer-reviewed, tested against our redefining service excellence criteria and then elevated to a proof-of-concept stage.

We acknowledge that not all ideas will make it to implementation, however the important steps above allow our staff to feel empowered and provide a constant supply of new ideas throughout the organisation.

Ventia has more than 60 accredited drone pilots with 2000+ hours of flight experience.

Improved productivity through AI and data and analytics

We’re enhancing our extensive data science and analytics capability to meet the strong demand for data-based insights from our clients in many industries, including telecommunications, roads and water. With quality data, we can improve and optimise our own operational activities while also adding value and reducing costs for our clients.

With our in-house drone solutions team, including more than 60 accredited and experienced drone pilots and over 30 drones including underwater drones, we monitor infrastructure assets at height, in remote or hard-to-access areas, in confined spaces and underwater. In addition to inspecting assets, we are increasing using drones in a range of different forms of data collection.

We’re enhancing our extensive data science and analytics capability to meet the strong demand for data-based insights from our clients.

A partnership for digital twins and spatial data

Ventia has selected Asseti as our enterprise-wide partner for reality digital twins and spatial data. Designed for managers of data-rich assets, the partnership will drive contextual insights for the assets that we maintain on behalf of our clients.

The platform will be rolled-out as a core component of Ventia’s next-generation digital ‘metabase’ concept. It will integrate into our existing asset management framework and provide enhanced real-time site management.

Our Defence asset management team have harnessed an interactive digital twin solution, known as 'Metabase'.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Our Intelligent Transport Systems team uses a range of technologies to support clients and improve safety and traffic flow for commuters. Recently, our Brisbane Motorway Services team was recognised as a finalist in the ITS awards Australia for Project Aardvark, an autonomous recovery device designed to remove vehicles which are left abandoned or broken down on the side of high-speed, high-risk environments such as open road motorways.Road users and first responders are now kept safer as a result of an international patented world-first safety innovation that is transferable to multiple industries.

Partnering with universities and research companies for technology of the future

Engineering Services (formerly ICD Asia Pacific) partners with universities and research companies to bring the latest technology and innovation to market. With a team including academic experts, Engineering Services has deep insight into the technology that is just over the horizon.  Among Engineering Services' latest innovations, is the use of Virtual Reality platforms to simulate client locations and assets for training and design purposes. 

Smart watches monitor wellbeing of employees at mining sites

In Resources, we are trialling smart watches to monitor the wellbeing of employees on two major mining sites. In terms of project delivery, our Rig & Well Services use the latest in well servicing technology to support clients. This includes our world-first Advantage Light Rig platform.

Innovation means different things to different people. For us, innovation is about discovering smarter ways to achieve better safety, environmental and efficiency outcomes to benefit our clients, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Creativity + Innovation | Helping Hands program

40 passionate members of our team recently participated in a life changing event, making prosthetic hands for people in need across the globe as part of the Helping Hands program. It’s moments like these that go right to the heart of our strategy – to redefine service excellence. Watch our video to learn more.

AFR Most Innovative Companies List 2023

Ventia was recognised in the 2023 AFR Boss Most Innovative Companies List as #3 in the Property, Construction & Transport category for our MTBolt innovation. 

From more than 700 nominations, our ranking was based on three components: an innovation we have implemented in the past 24 months; how we have embedded innovation into Ventia, and the results from an innovation benchmarking survey completed by our people.

Read more on our MTBolt innovation here


Whilst we’re not focused on acknowledgement, it is always encouraging to be recognised by industry for the great work our teams do every day. Some of our latest innovation awards include:

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September 2023: Read more

Finalist: National Infrastructure Awards (IPA) - Innovation Excellence Award
April 2023

Finalist: ITS Australia Awards - Innovation category
February 2023: Read more

Finalist: Project Aardvark - Intelligent Transport Systems awards
December 2022: Read more

Finalist: Transpower Engineering and Technology Excellence Awards
November 2022: Read more 

Winner: Innovator of the Year - 2022 Australian Defence Industry Awards
September 2022: Read more

Winner: ABA100 Business Innovation (BIA) - 2022 Australian Business Awards
September 2022: Read more

Finalist: Best Run SAP awards - Next Gen Innovator 
August 2022: Read more

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