The Sydney SRAPC team at a traditional smoking ceremony

"Waramai. Good morning, friends and welcome, this is Darug land," was the warm welcome given to our Transport team in Sydney's west by local Darug man, Steven Trist during a special Aboriginal cultural ceremony. 

Steven, a proud Darug, Murra-Warri, Yuin man has lived on Darug lands all his life. 

Having worked in the education and community sectors for many years, he regularly spends time yarning with local elders and knowledge holders.

Passionate about sharing our oldest living culture with the next generations and our communities, Steven led a Welcome to Country, a traditional smoking ceremony, and provided the history and meaning of the many native animals of Darug country on which the SRAPC project warehouse and office sit.

SRAPC leadership team

Pictured: The SRAPC leadership team at the smoking ceremony. 

Steven inspired the team and encouraged both a sense of celebration and responsibility. 

"You don't need to be Aboriginal to learn about Aboriginal culture," says Steven.

I want us to all learn something...what Darug country means and our responsibilities as we work and live on these lands. 

"It's very important that we look after the environment…if we don't keep this fire burning, both physically and metaphorically, the culture is lost."

Meeting rooms across the project site have now been renamed in the Darug language.

  • Wingaru (Thinking) 
  • Mulga (Black Swan)
  • Barajin (Echidna) 
  • Birrong (Stars)
  • Mariong (Emu)
  • Wali (Possum)
  • Wirriag (Goanna)
  • Barra (Eel)
  • Djirrabidi (Red Belly Black Snake)
  • Buru (Kangaroo)
  • Magura (Fish) 
  • Yurungay (Black Duck)
  • Gunggung (Frog)

Steven Trist pictured in front of the Wingaru (Thinking) meeting room

Pictured: Steven Trist in front of the Wingaru (Thinking) meeting room at the SRAPC project office in Ardnell Park. 

Steven hopes the names will be a point of conversation and emphasised that it does not matter how they are said or pronounced.  

"As long as we are paying our respect, as long as we are acknowledging along the way, that's all that matters.

Just get in and be involved. Be brave and give it a go.

Watch our short highlights reel from this special event.

Top image: the SRAPC team at the cultural ceremony 

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