Woman in front of a prisoner transfer truck

Ventia's contract to provide court security and custodial services has been extended by the Government of Western Australia.

The 12-month extension commences on 24 March 2022 and will generate revenue of approximately $58 million, over the 12-month term. 

Group Executive Defence & Social Infrastructure Derek Osborn said Ventia is proud to have provided this essential service for the Government of Western Australia since 2017 and is pleased the partnership will continue. 

Ventia brings a client-focused, innovative and sustainable approach to essential infrastructure services and we are delighted the Government of Western Australia has entrusted us to continue to deliver this important contract.

"This contract is unique in its size, complexity and diversity, and we've proven over the past five years that we're able to meet these challenges."

Key to the extension was a commitment to strengthening the contract through process improvements to ensure the delivery of service excellence to the client and the communities they serve.

"We look forward to discussing the option to further extend this contract with the Government of Western Australia and will continue to deliver through an accountable relational model that fosters trust, collaboration, flexibility, innovation and reliable performance," Derek says.

Ventia helps Government and Corrections Departments create safer communities and reduce recidivism by providing justice services with a welfare-led approach. 

We partner with Governments to securely manage people in custody in prisons and courts, as well as those being transported and those subject to through electronic monitoring.

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