Gavin Campbell, Defence Executive General Manager, Ventia and Prue Slaughter, CEO of Soldier On seated at desk for sponsorship event.

With around 322 Veterans, 181 Reservists and 139 partners or spouses of Veterans working across our business, Ventia's commitment to helping secure the futures of Veterans as they transition to civilian life is something we're very proud of. 

On Thursday we formalised that commitment through our partnership with Soldier On, a national charity which supports more than 5,000 Veterans and their families through health and wellbeing services, employment support, education programs and social connection. 

Attendees at the Soldier On sponsorship event pictured as group

Attendees from Ventia, Soldier On and Defence Australia including Andy Bottrell, Major General, Land Systems, Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group and Mardi Jarvis, Assistant Secretary Regional Services.


Veterans like Lindsay Morton, Leanne Ryan and Craig Inns, who attended the day's event, are great examples of how to take the operational and leadership skills that the Australian Defence Force develops and use them to build successful careers with organisations like Ventia.

Muffins with Soldier On and Ventia logos on top


Visit our website to learn more about our Veterans program and to explore the array of roles we have available across Australia and New Zealand:


Top picture: Gavin Campbell, Defence Executive General Manager, Ventia and Prue Slaughter, CEO, Soldier On.