Ventia telco team installing fibre under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ventia today announced it had been awarded a contract to deliver build services for Telstra InfraCo in the first phase of a new nationwide ultra-high capacity low-latency fibre project.

As part of the nationwide project, Ventia will lead the design and construction of specific high-capacity optic fibre routes, including various fibre links between Melbourne and Sydney and Sydney to Wilmington in South Australia.

The contract will commence immediately, and the first phase is expected to generate approximately $125 million in revenue over a three-year build program. 

'Ventia's collaborative approach to partnering on the inter-city fibre project will benefit our ambition to deploy new fibre technology, enabling transmission rates of over six times today's common rate," said Dean Jones, Telstra InfraCo Design & Construction Executive.

As part of a multi-year build, Telstra will be bolstering its national fibre network to improve its size, reach and bandwidth. 

Mark Ralston, Ventia's Group Executive - Telecommunications, noted Ventia's background in building, operating and maintaining critical telecommunications infrastructure. 

Ventia has a long track-record in the delivery of national fibre networks and continues to play a key role in building the nation's telecommunications infrastructure. Our strategy is to redefine service excellence by being client-focused, innovative and sustainable.

"We're excited to continue our relationship with Telstra, and work alongside them to deliver innovative critical communications infrastructure that will help to drive the connectivity of the future," Mr Ralston said.