Our people are playing a key role in our transformation to being a true strategic partner to Defence through the refreshed approach to Defence maintenance in the new Defence Maintenance Contract.  

Transitioning from one contract to the next is an exciting time. We are proud to once again support Joint Logistics Command’s (JLC’s) mission to enable the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to defend Australia and its national interests with steadfast delivery of agile and robust military logistics. 

Maintenance services play an important role in supporting Australian Defence Force units preparing for and returning from operations and exercises. Our services help ensure the availability and safe working order of unit-owned allocated and pooled Defence materiel.   


But what does that transformation look like?  

We are transforming to a more modern service delivery, using technology, innovation, and standardisation to improve value and capability for our client.  

We are committed to delivering services under five pillars: Collaborative Contracting, Continuous Improvement, Network Standardisation, Supporting Operations and Workforce and Australian Industry Capability.  


Collaborative Contracting 

As an independent prime coordinator, we work closely with Defence as a strategic partner. We are independent from any original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and therefore provide platform stewardship in the delivery of services that drive value. Our size, experience, industry networks and commitment to strategic partnering will drive competitive practices and unite regional SMEs into a single sovereign capability to deliver services to the Commonwealth through the JLU network. 


Continuous Improvement  

From the top down we drive a targeted continuous improvement program that is focused at both the strategic and enterprise level. We foster a culture of innovation and everyone, at all levels, is responsible for driving efficiencies. Our Capability, Innovation and Efficiency (CIE) program is enabled by dedicated resources that focus on people, process, and technology.  

We exploit technology to improve workforce optimisation and transparency. Our approach to data driven decision making will see us move from reactive to more predictive and preventative maintenance – an approach that is crucial for a modern workshop. 

From the top down we drive a targeted continuous improvement program. Scott Walsh, Site Manager, Moorebank, NSW discuss process in the workshop.


Network Standardisation 

In the previous contract our sites operated very independently. We have appointed an Operational Excellence team and a team of Regional Managers who will drive standardisation across all of our sites. Their focus will be on systems, processes, and people with the goal to improve productivity and drive efficiencies across the entire maintenance process.  


Supporting Operations 

As our region confronts military, political, environmental, and social changes. Defence is likely to require support for a higher intensity of operations in response to emerging crises and challenges. We have developed a preparedness framework that allows us to support Defence in both domestic and overseas deployment and exercises.  

We have the understanding, capacity, commitment, and track record to support Defence as it surges and adapts to these emerging operational challenges. Our workforce is of a significant size with technical skills that are critical for enabling Defence capability. 

Antonella Banno, General Manager on the Defence Maintenance contract says, “Our teams work in the workshops but also directly alongside Defence in-field. We recently supported Exercise Talisman Sabre and the team were so proud to be a part of this important exercise that brought together our Defence Force and ally nations”. 

We have extensive experience in preparing and deploying Maintenance Forward Repair Teams on domestic Defence activities.


Workforce and Australian Industry Capability 

We collaborate with local Australian and Indigenous businesses and are committed to enabling and growing the communities in which we work. We build long-term relationships to ensure we build a resilient maintenance network. 

Our dedicated Indigenous Employment team (TRECCA) are focused on the recruitment, employment and retention of Indigenous men and women for Ventia. We understand that a diverse workforce in turn enhances the diversity of thought and perspective across our operations, provides improved decision making through richer experiences, increases the depth of our talent pools, and is aligned with our continuous improvement objective. 

Transforming to a modern service delivery. Jess Kindred, Scheduler, Puckapunyal Military Base, Vic.


Our appointed Workforce Capability Manager will ensure compliance with the Australian Industry Capability (AIC) requirements specified in the AIC Plan. They will also forward plan workforce requirements to support the anticipated future needs of the client.  

The new Defence Maintenance contract modernises maintenance delivery, providing innovative solutions that deliver on Defence outcomes ensuring Defence have the capability when they need it and where they need it, to win. 



Top image: We forward plan workforce requirements to support the anticipated future needs of the client. Kyle Dunn, Apprentice, Puckapunyal Military Base, Vic.