When most people think of Defence contractors, they think of global corporations that build warships, aircraft, and tanks. 

However, an effective modern Defence force needs much more than state-of-the-art capability.  

The depth and breadth of essential services that Ventia delivers saw us placed sixth in Australian Defence Magazine's (ADM) latest Top 40 Defence Contractors Survey.  

ADM's annual Defence Contractor Survey is a highly respected resource and vital metric to ensuring a robust and diverse defence industrial base. Ventia was listed alongside internationally renowned companies - many of whom they collaborate with to deliver essential services for Defence Australia.  


A commitment to sustainability

As a steward of taxpayers' funds, Ventia understands that delivering sustainable value is crucial. We strive to be an organisation that embraces and represents all members of the community. 

We collaborate with local SMEs and Indigenous Business Enterprises to deliver capability and innovation through the development of Australian enterprises and work toward building an inclusive workforce by providing opportunities for people with disability.

Pictured: Continually imrpoving our service delivery through innovation and optimisation.

Group Executive for Defence & Social Infrastructure Derek Osborn say Ventia is proud of its more-than-four-decade relationship as a trusted supplier with a focus on innovation and sustainability. 

We are committed to delivering crucial services for our Defence client and collaborating as their strategic partner to overcome the challenges they face now and in the future.

'A culture of continuous improvement, innovation and efficiencies is embedded in our organisation and promoted at all levels. We harness the power of data and technology to achieve workforce optimisation and improve transparency.'

Pictured: Ventia is striving to create a diverse and inclusive workforce across our organisation.

Derek says we are also proud of our work in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces across the country, including focusing on participation of females, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and Veterans.

"With over 16,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand, we have an opportunity to make a huge difference in communities, both in the way we procure goods and services and in who and how we recruit for roles," he said. 


An integrated service offering

Derek said that a diverse workforce is matched by a diverse service offering, which has seen several recent contracts exemplify Ventia's integrated service offering. 

Ventia is proud of its reputation of being able to scale and adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients. We are excited to be partnering with the ADF on projects that employ a broader range of our skills.

"Our contract to manage the vast Australia Marine Complex - Common User Facility (AMC-CUF) in Perth underlines our facilities management credentials and ability to integrate internal and external teams,' he said.

"The JV with Babcock Australasia to deliver upgrades to the Defence High Frequency Communication System speaks to our more than 40 years at the forefront of communications technologies and our expertise in ultra-secure remote voice and data communications." 

Pictured: Aerial view of the Australian Marine Complex - Common User Facility in Perth that Ventia currently manages.

We received the Asset Management Sustainability Award at AMPEAK 2022 for their lifecycle cost assessment and LED lighting upgrade project at Australian Defence Force bases across the country in another example of innovation and sustainability. 

It was great to be recognised for the largest program of its kind in Australia, in which we designed and are implementing a program to replace aged, inefficient lighting with high-efficiency LED systems at 37 Defence bases, reducing the ADF's carbon footprint by 22,000 tonnes every year.

"By having multiple contracts with one trusted supplier who understands their business, the ADF benefits from efficiencies and expertise," he said.