The annual Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ) Northland Excavator competition seeks Northland's best multi-skilled excavator operator - and this year, two of them work for Ventia. 

Twelve operators entered the competition from seven civil contracting companies in the region, including Ventia's father and son duo Stacey and Adrian Halls. 

Stacey took out the runner-up award in his singles competition, and then partnered with his dad Adrian, winning the team award. There were intense challenges set and they both displayed their skill and experience on the course. 

Pictured: Adrian Stacy during CCNZ Excavator competition 

The pair undertook three separate courses - two of which involved using a 13-tonne excavator, one with a grapple and one with a bucket. The third course utilised mini excavators and a 5-tonne excavator, and individuals had various challenges to undertake in a specific timeframe. Some of the challenges included:

  • Stacking of pre-cast concrete blocks into a pyramid
  • Balancing a raw egg on a cone
  • Pouring a cup of tea without spilling it
  • Place a basketball into a manhole tower at maximum reach without popping it
  • Paint CCNZ logo on a wall with a bush attached to the end of a bucket
  • Safe excavation around existing services, and 
  • Digging accurately to a specific plan.

Pictured: Competitors completed various challenges as part of the competition

We also had a representative from Ventia judging on the Northland CCNZ Executive panel. Senior Project Manager Anthony Green was proud to stand with the winners when they received their accolades.  

"The event was excellent," Anthony said.  

The competitors were of all high competency level. Stacey and Adrian certainly did Ventia proud, I was boasting on the inside.

Top image: Ventia's father and son duo Stacey and Adrian Hall