Martin Boettcher presented at the 2021 AMPEAK Conference

Martin Boettcher is one of our quiet - but brilliant - achievers! Every day, he works behind the scenes on solutions that help to optimise our clients' assets.

His expertise was recently on show when he was awarded best peer reviewed paper at this year's AMPEAK Asset Management conference. Martin presented his paper, entitled 'High Speed Rule Based Criticality Analysis - When Near Enough is Good Enough' at the conference, run by the Asset Management Council.

Martin's paper addresses criticality analysis, a key challenge in developing an effective asset management strategy that can improve decisions on operations, maintenance and investment.
By adopting the dollar-based array approach outlined in the paper, Asset Managers can assess the tens of thousands of individual assets that make up the modern industrial plant in less than one minute per asset.

Ventia Engineering Services (formerly ICD Asia Pacific), our engineering consulting business, are invested in helping our clients across all industries to optimise their assets and make them work smarter for them. Reach out to us today if you would like a preliminary discussion on this subject.

Martin Boettcher won best paper at the 2021 AMPEAK Conference

Martin Boettcher won 'Best peer reviewed paper' at the 2021 AMPEAK Asset Management Conference