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As a Care and Custody Officer at the Perth Children's Court, Veena Sobha-Venu is responsible for helping ensure the Court and everyone who attends are safe, secure, and orderly. Her efforts have been recognised as Highly Commended in the recent Redefining Service Excellence Awards. 

Veena's role is part of Ventia's contract to provide court security and custodial services for Western Australia's Department of Justice.

She is known throughout the Courthouse for her high level of customer service, consistently delivering service excellence, greeting people warmly, and maintaining a sense of order in an environment that can sometimes be challenging - all with a smile on her face.

When Veena noticed someone collecting 10c recyclable bottles, she saw an opportunity to do this herself and use the cashback she could collect as a way to support a charity.

Each day, Veena puts on gloves and cheerily does the rounds, collecting bottles from bins across the Courthouse.

Since 2021, Veena has collected 11,000 bottles - raising $1,100 for the Telethon Kids Institute, a charity raising funds to support children with chronic lung disease, a cause close to her heart. 

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Pictured: The Perth Children's Court 

Such is Veena's impact that the Court Registry staff, Children's Court President His Honor Judge Hylton Quail, and Associate Professor Anthony Kicic from Telethon Kids, held a ceremony to praise her efforts.

Judge Hylton Quail noted that Veena's act of kindness to assist children in need was an act that he greatly valued.

Deputy Care and Security Manager, Deanna Wilkins, says Veena has inspired the whole team to get involved.

Veena is the loveliest person you could meet. She goes out of her way to make a difference and inspires us all.

Stuart Jeffery, Manager of the Perth Children's Court contacted Ventia and said: "Veena is an officer you can be proud to have in your employment. All of us here at the Perth Children's Court appreciate her efforts."

Congratulations, Veena. People like you are truly at the heart of our success.