Cyber Incident

Ventia would like to thank our people, customers, and other stakeholders for the support and collaboration in relation to the recent Cyber Incident.

We have been proactive and transparent with customers, relevant government and regulatory authorities as our response and investigation has unfolded.

Ventia engaged CyberCX to support our forensic investigation, advise and assist with remediation activities, and to support our systems assurance process.

Ventia and CyberCX are confident that the Cyber Incident has been contained, and that the necessary remediation and assurance steps have been performed.

Our assurance process has allowed Ventia to begin re-establishing systems access with customers and other external stakeholders. 

Ventia continues to work closely with the relevant regulators and law enforcement in relation to the ongoing investigation of the incident.

Anyone who has enquiries can contact Ventia in Australia on 1300 888 217 and New Zealand on +61 1300 888 217.

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