The Western Australia Department of Transport (DoT) has again selected Ventia to provide maintenance of its marine assets.

Under this $117m, six-year contract, Ventia maintains 38 marine facilities and 1,500 marine and land-based navigation aids. In total, we maintain - on behalf of the DoT - assets valued on the order of $400 million and provide up to 117 local jobs, including jobs for 12 apprentices.

We are proud and privileged to have been providing these services to the DoT uninterrupted since 1995, delivering reliability and innovation that have allowed the DoT to manage an ever-increasing asset base efficiently with a resource base that has remained similarly sized - providing real value to the people of WA.

Recent innovations include the introduction of more durable and lighter navigation aids, the installation of light sensors on critical navigation aids to enable real-time reporting of outages, and the introduction of an underwater remote-operated vehicle that allows our team to conduct underwater inspections more safely. The latter innovation was invaluable in determining recent damage to the original Bandy Creek weir without placing divers at risk.

The WA DoT is responsible for strategic planning, policy and asset management that enable people to connect with each other and with goods and services through the State's roads, railways, airports, ports and waterways.

Our services on the contract encompass:

  • Asset management, including the development and maintenance of plans for each facility under contract
  • Routine maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Delivery of capital works, including project scoping, design, management and delivery.