In 2022 we proudly supported Transurban, to achieve significant sustainability outcomes at the  Hills M2 Motorway. 

By deploying innovative solutions, in line with asset management best practice, we helped deliver successful results for Transurban, including  diverting waste from landfill, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, generating biodiversity value and enhancing customer travel.

Team Ventia and Transurban accepting the Asset Management Sustainability Award

These achievements were publicly recognised in the 2023 AMPEAK awards where our collaboration with Transurban was awarded the Sustainability Award at the Asset Management Council AMPEAK awards .  The awards celebrate the significant contribution individuals and organisations are making to the advancement of asset management in Australia and internationally and highlight outstanding work within the discipline of asset management and maintenance engineering.

The Asset Management Sustainability Award recognises asset management strategies, frameworks, projects or products that demonstrate commitment to embedding and delivering measurable sustainable outcomes - liveability, sustainability, affordability and resilience - aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Transurban and Ventia have a whole-of-life responsibility for the Hills M2 asset. Asset management is passionately driven by an experienced and dedicated team, and the lifecycle strategy, maintenance strategy and operations strategy are carefully planned out on a holistic basis.

A collaborative effort resulting in outstanding sustainability outcomes. 

Sustainability is integrated into Transurban and Ventia's asset management approach by similarly being considered on a holistic basis, whereby both organisations has developed a focus on People, Planet, Places and Partnerships, in alignment with the SDGs.

The incorporation of sustainability into our asset management approach has enabled the project to achieve the following:

  • 48% GHG emissions reduction over the asset's lifetime, compared to base case - from 72,967 t-CO2-e (base) to 37,895 t-CO2-e (actual)
  • 97.6% of operations and maintenance waste and 63% of office waste diverted from landfill
  • generated biodiversity value via roadside vegetation rehabilitation and management activities
  • enhanced customer travel via a program promoting safer driving
  • Deployment of innovative maintenance driver behaviour and fuel efficiency program
  • Increased participation opportunities for First Nations people through shared value initiatives
  • Modern slavery training for incident responders

Independent verification of the sustainability outcomes was undertaken by using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council's IS Operations rating scheme, and the Hills M2 Motorway was subsequently certified in October 2022 at an 'Excellent Operations IS Rating', with a score of 69 points. This was the highest operations rating awarded within the industry, establishing new best-practice for sustainable motorway management.

Read more on the ISC rating here

Pictured: Ventia General Manager - Strategy, Sustainability & Innovation Donny Yap

The independent accreditation process helped us identify opportunities to operate the Hills M2 more sustainably, resulting in measurable positive outcomes. We have diverted close to 100% of operations waste from landfill, developed more sustainable capital works solutions, and established the motorway's climate change risk position. 

We're thrilled the celebrate this achievement with Transurban and look forward to applying a similar approach for other assets we manage for our clients.