Ventia has drawn on its continued strong alignment with Main Roads Western Australia's (Main Roads WA) regional sustainability objectives to secure the Pilbara Rural Network Contract (RNC) from 1 November 2018.

In addition to reliable service delivery and cost savings, Ventia will also provide Main Roads WA with an enhanced focus on local job creation, Aboriginal participation and engagement with Pilbara's community groups and businesses.

As the incumbent on the region's current Integrated Services Arrangement (ISA), Ventia secured the new five-year, $94.2M contract by its track record of strong service delivery and localised procurement and engagement.

As part of the RNC, Ventia will continue to bring experienced, cost effective transport solutions across the Pilbara's 2,968km of main roads and highways, the region representing 25% of the entire state.

Ventia's Executive General Manager, Asset and Infrastructure Services Peter Handel said a major contributor to Ventia's success was its positive track record on the Pilbara ISA contract for the past six years.

Ventia proudly continues to provide Main Roads WA with confidence in the maintenance of one of WA's critical rural road networks, said Peter.

"Our incumbent team will ensure our deep network knowledge and our collaborative local procurement and engagement continues to add value.

"Our value-for-money, tailored delivery model not only retains our skilled, local people but additionally capitalises on using local resources and businesses to underpin our 'buy local, live local' approach.

We understand how important our role in the Pilbara region is to the facilitation of the state's economic sustainability and industry connectivity and we take it very seriously.

Main Roads Acting Managing Director Peter Woronzow said Main Roads WA looks forward to working with Ventia to ensure a safe and efficient road network for all road users as well as positive outcomes for the local community.

"Ventia's commitment to increase employment opportunities for local and Aboriginal businesses, from 10% in the first year, to over 20% in year five of the contract, is in keeping with the State Government's pledge to increase employment opportunities in the region," said Peter.

A team has already begun the preparation work for the mobilisation required under the new RNC model to provide Main Roads WA, and the local Pilbara community, with a safe and seamless transition.


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