Origin Gasworks site in Brompton, South Australia

Renewal SA has awarded Ventia the contract to provide remediation services for the former Origin Gasworks site in Brompton, South Australia.

The six-hectare site is now owned by Renewal SA, a state government department that focuses on the development of government owned lands to revitalise communities and create high quality shared open spaces and places that bring people together.

Ventia was contracted by Renewal SA to conduct a remedial investigation of the site in 2015. The resulting report allowed Renewal SA to estimate and characterise remediation volumes and to develop a cost-effective remediation strategy.

Following the remedial investigation, Renewal SA was confident to appoint Ventia to deliver the remediation works on the site with a view to selling the land for redevelopment for mixed high density residential, commercial and open space land uses.

As the remediation works progress and further assessments can be made, Ventia will collaborate with urban designers to consider strategic amendments to the masterplan to maximise the built form of the site.

Complexities for the team working on the site include working around century-old structures that must be retained and ensuring a zero waste strategy is adhered to so no waste materials, other than recyclables, leave the site.

Works have commenced and are scheduled for completion in July 2019.

Historical image of the former Origin Gasworks site in Brompton, South Australia