Flower bed around a monument

Ventia's highly successful 25-year partnership with Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) will continue to deliver quality, sustainable facilities and landscapes for the community with confirmation of a 12-month contract extension.

We manage the Shire's buildings, public infrastructure, verges, parks, natural environment - and even four cemeteries - on behalf of 180,000 residents and millions of tourists. Our focus on supporting the communities in which we work sees us prioritise local employment and engaging with local businesses such as Waverly Social Enterprises to deliver this work.

Investing in the local community

Ventia's General Manager Local Government Katie James says around 65% of contract spend on subcontractors is with local businesses, with the same percentage spent on sourcing goods and services locally, and we are committed to growing that to over 90%.

Investing in the local community through utilising local businesses, hiring local employees and supporting local community groups is important to us and aligns with our organisational values.  

The Shire comprises 723 square kilometres of urban, rural, and natural environments, including 196 kilometres of iconic coastline.

Every year, Ventia mows 624 hectares of grass and delivers 708 hectares of gardening, including pruning 16,900 power line spans for vegetation, inspecting 24,800 trees and planting 11,100 plants as part of the public garden refurbishment program.

Additionally, we maintain 56 sportsfields - including the iconic RJ Rowley Reserve, venue of the iconic Rye Gift - every year replacing over 1,000 square metres of turf and applying 19 tonnes of fertiliser.

A successful collaboration and best practice services

Katie said the welcome decision was "testament to the success of our collaboration with the Shire in providing value-for-money services that support its unique townships, natural environments and growing economy".

"This has been achieved by our commitment to MPS and their community, particularly in the ecological space," Katie said. 

We are driving an innovative, integrated suite of best practice services and technologies that not only make the Shire incredibly livable, but support MPS in striving towards their objective of net zero emissions by 2040.


Koala in tree and Ventia employee

One of our innovative initiatives that supports Mornington Peninsula Shire in their objective of striving towards net zero emissions by 2040 is saving trimmings from appropriate Eucaplypt species to assist Funky Farms feed rescued koalas.


Striving towards an objective of net zero emissions by 2040

In delivering the Shire's Parks and Roadsides Program across 723 square kilometres of urban, rural, and natural environments, innovations have included:

  • commissioning Australia's first fleet of electric mowers. In addition to being carbon neutral, they reduce fuel and oil leaks and are manufactured from up to 92% recyclable materials.
  • creating a 'closed landscaping loop' (for example, composting tree trimmings to create mulch for parks and gardens and to assist community groups), and 
  • proactively supporting local conservation groups (for example, saving trimmings from appropriate Eucalypt species to assist Funky Farms feed rescued koalas). 


Katie said an example of Ventia's "above-and-beyond" approach is illustrated by its management of Rowleys Reserve, venue of the iconic Rye Gift that attracts thousands of visitors from around Victoria and Australia.

"Our intensive 10-week program of aeration, fertilisation, daily mowing, and surface maintenance - including completing nearly 200 turf plugs - ensures a running surface described by locals as 'rivalling the MCG'," she said.


Ventia employee mowing a lawn

Every year, Ventia mows 624 hectares of grass and delivers 708 hectares of gardening for Mornington Peninsula Shire, and we commissioned Australia's first fleet of electric mowers.


Procurement of goods and services from local businesses

We are also committed to supporting local businesses, through procurement of goods and services, employing local people, and supporting community organisations.

For example, we have signed Waverly Social Enterprises, a disability social enterprise to deliver services at the Mornington Cemetery and DHS properties. 

"And we support the work of Bunjilwarra Koori, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation and healing service in Hastings for young Aboriginal men and women, by offering real career opportunities,' says Katie.

"In 2022, we provided six Bunjilwarra Koori clients with employment and training in our land management team and plan to continue this program.

"Ventia's size, scope and breadth of roles and opportunities mean we are well positioned to work with community organisations like Bunjilwarra.

"I am really proud of the way this team steps up and gets involved in such valuable programs."

More information on the contract here