A strong leader has sharp strategic skills, is a clear communicator, and has developed self-awareness. But without the right guidance and support, it's harder to achieve your full potential.

Ventia’s flagship program Women Leading offers our emerging female leaders the opportunity to take a critical look at their career, leadership and strengths.

Our women explore the skills required to lead, thrive, influence, negotiate and navigate career opportunities.


Cultivating existing talent

The program is a leader-nominated program and flows from our succession and talent planning process.

Delivered over five months, it includes four full day workshops, three one-on-one personal coaching sessions and content and collaboration through a virtual workplace community.

On reflection of the success of the program so far, Rachel Dodds, General Manager Organisational Effectiveness said she was proud of the impact the program has had for so many women at Ventia.

Since 2021, more than 120 women have taken a critical look at their career, leadership style and unique strengths through this program, and become better leaders as a result of it

The positive feedback from participants over the years demonstrates the value of the program.

Katie Selhorst, Senior Ecologist on our Defence Base Services contract said the focus on strengths was a real highlight for her.

I'm learning to embrace my strengths and how to use them at the right time so I can connect with the people in front of me to learn and grow

“I want to bring everyone along on the journey with me. I'm going to run at that, and I love it,” says Katie.

Cian Dawson, Vendor Analyst – Digital Services said the executive coaching set her on a journey of further personal growth.

“The coaching component was important to help focus and personalise our experience. Because of this experience, coaching is something I'm going to continue to do. I think it's important as women we continue to nurture these relationships,” says Cian.

Pictured above: General Manager, PMO & Project Delivery Brooke White presenting to CEO Dean Banks and the graduates from the Ventia program, Women Leading.

Brooke White, General Manager, PMO & Project Delivery said the course helped grow her confidence in more ways than she expected.

Some takeaways from the course that stuck with me – have the courage to be authentic. Excellence is utilising your strengths, not hiding your weaknesses

“I now see what my leader has always seen in me, which has also been a great source of strength. I feel now that I deserve my seat at the table,” says Brooke.

The positive feedback from participants over the years demonstrates the value of the program.


Gender equality at Ventia

At Ventia, our aim is to retain and attract a diverse team, who represent communities in which we serve. We seek to mold an environment that embraces and is welcoming for all people, who can be valued in the team, and build successful careers. But there is more that needs to be done.

In Australia, gender inequality is estimated to cost $1.28 billion annually, and the stats are similar in New Zealand.

Across our workforce, only three in every 10 people are women.

We are committed to increasing the number of women at Ventia in senior leadership roles to 40% by 2030, and our talent pipeline, learning and development opportunities and policies and procedures provide the foundations to ensure we retain, develop and attract more women in our organisation.

As we move ahead with this ambition, in 2023, we made a conscious effort to bring more women into our Executive Leadership Team, and accelerated hires across the organisation in senior management roles.

Our active participation with organisations like Diversity Council Australia and Rainbow Tick New Zealand also help to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and understands and welcomes gender diversity.