When she was younger, Lourene Mae Faicol wanted to be a pilot. But not just any kind of pilot: she wanted to be a commercial airline pilot and fly the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airliner.  

Unfortunately, that career path was more expensive than she bargained for. Instead, she embarked on a different journey, completing a five-year university degree in Engineering in the Philippines.  

"I'm an Engineer now", she says proudly. "I did it not just for myself but most especially for my father because he always wanted to be an Engineer himself".  

Lourene's dreams have always been big. So right after completing her degree, she started searching for a job to gain the biggest exposure in an engineering environment. After 5 years, equipped with the right skillset, she set her sights on that big country down under.  

"I arrived in Australia from the Philippines in February 2023 and when I searched for roles in the Telecommunications industry, Ventia always came up.'

It was the biggest company in the market, and so it became my target company. 'That's where I wanted to work!' I said to myself

Lourene started at Ventia just two months later in April 2023, as an Electrical Designer in the Telecommunications Team, Fixed Networks.  


Breaking barriers 

Based in Melbourne, Lourene works on client projects across Victoria and Tasmania.  

As an electrical designer she's responsible for the development of detailed electrical designs, producing cost estimates of materials and labour, assisting construction teams during a project build-phase and updating As-Built drawings. 

Her work involves site visits to different Exchanges and developing schematics for electrical, power and distribution systems.  

Her Critical Infrastructure team (VIC/TAS) is made up of 1 Electrician and 5 Engineers, including 2 female engineers, which are all equally talented. Ventia's Critical Infrastructure group is a part of the Fixed Network division headed by Peter Green (National Project director) and Michael Mccarney (National Design Manager), who are both advocates for gender equality and cultural diversity. 

"My team is really great," she says. "I like our team's synergy and how everyone has their own different roles. They really support and lift each other up.'

It's a very inclusive and diverse work environment where everyone is made to feel very welcome  

Pictured: Lourene together with her Critical Infrastructure team, from left to right: Lakmal Gunawardhana, Adam Camilleri, Jason Kwan, Roman Alberti, Lourene and Anisha Heenkenda. 


Lourene has always understood that this field would be predominantly male, even back home in the Philippines. 

"I feel like I've been breaking barriers ever since starting in this industry more than five years ago", she says. "But I like to prove to myself that, technically, I can do what men can do, as well as they can".  

Her role can be quite diverse and challenging. But the one trait that helps Lourene break barriers and do her job with excellence is confidence.   

"You have to believe in yourself and your power to create your own reality", she says. "To manage your own energy and have the right mindset." 

To her, Redefining Service Excellence means exceptional attention to detail and relentless customer focus, being efficient, empathetic, and delivering the best service possible.  

Today, Lourene is a role model to her little sister who is six years younger.  

"She recently completed her studies with a degree in Civil Engineering and I support her in any way I can" she says. "Hopefully my father is doubly proud of us now." 


Top image: Lourene for Connect Magazine