Natalie Craig, Assistant Supervisor in Western Sydney

Since Coronavirus reached our shores almost two years ago, cleaners have played an important role in keeping us safe and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Ventia is proud to provide essential cleaning services for our clients and the thousands of people across Australia who use their facilities each day.

Natalie Craig is an Assistant Supervisor in Western Sydney for Ventia's NSW Whole of Government Facilities Management Services contract. 


To mark Thank Your Cleaner Day, Ventia is celebrating Natalie and her colleagues for their valuable contribution to our business and the community.

Natalie has worked for Ventia for four years after being a house cleaner. She began working at the Fire and Rescue NSW depot at Orchard Hills, and now she works across several schools in Western Sydney, including Cranebrook High school and Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School. 

She is also part of the team that undertakes deep-cleaning when a COVID-19 positive case has been at a government facility.

"I've done about 10 deep-cleaning jobs this year at TAFE's and pre-schools, and one of the sites was at Bateman's Bay," Natalie said.

We have to do two applications of cleaning and wear a hazmat suit.

She said she enjoys her job and the people she works with.

"I like meeting people and getting to know them," Natalie said.

"It's interesting, as I go to different sites, and everyone is very friendly and they are keen workers who work as a team."

She said she was a very active person, and the role requires her to be "fit clean".

"You have to have the motivation, as the job keeps you busy," Natalie said. 

She said while many children had been kept home from school during the recent lockdown, some still turned up each day, as well as their teachers.

"We don't have to clean as many classrooms, but you still have to check everything and we clean other areas," Natalie said.

The way we do our job has changed, as we're not allowed to clean together or be in the same room.

So are people now recognising the work she and her colleagues do now that cleaners have become more visible?

"Yes, people are more appreciative of the work we do now."