Gas plant pictured at dusk

Nearly a year into our long-term maintenance contract on natural gas facilities in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Ventia is delivering strong employment and business opportunities for local Indigenous Australians.

Ventia is contributing to local communities by employing local workforces, sourcing from local suppliers, and investing in capability-building initiatives that enable Aboriginal individuals and businesses to thrive.

Ventia's Project Administrator and Graduate of Ventia's Office Trainee program, Ali Moir said she has a lot of respect for her Aboriginal heritage from her father's side whose mob is from down south near Esperance.

Our Indigenous family name is Woyliberry and it is my family and culture that has shaped the person I am today, so I am proud to work with Ventia, a company that provides jobs and develops business capability for Indigenous Australians.

One of the roles played by Ventia in the Pilbara is the delivery of frontline and campaign maintenance, brownfield execution scopes and turnaround events at natural gas facilities.

Ventia Project Administrator Ali Moir pictured on lawn outside office buildings

Ali Moir visiting site


As part of this contract we are meeting our commitments with 4.8% of our workforce Indigenous employees, and 29% of total procurement spend with Indigenous businesses. We are developing regional business capability to support our operations for the next 10 years.

We're proud of our talented and engaged people, like Ali, who bring our values to life, inspire confidence with our customers and make a difference in our local communities. To join our team in Western Australia please visit our Careers on Chevron projects page.


Top picture: Supporting Indigenous communities through natural gas contracts in the Pilbara