Three men in orange high vis standing in front of yellow excavator

For Northland local Shane King, nothing is more important than making sure our team stay safe and get to go home to their families. 

Having worked with Ventia and its legacy business for more than 20 years, Shane has a wealth of experience on all thing's safety. Growing up on a farm and with a background in forestry, Shane knows too well the effects of lax safety standards, having witnessed the death of two members of his forestry crew when he was starting his career. 

Knowing he had to change his attitudes towards safety, Shane pursued a role as a Trainer Assessor, before being offered a forestry supervisor manager role at McBreen Jenkins. When that business was acquired by Transfield Services, they paid for Shane to attend Melbourne University, and attain a diploma in health and safety. 

In his role as SHEQ Transport NZ Manager, Shane has been a part of the purchase and operation of the Komatsu Hybrid HB365LC-3 excavator in the Puketona Quarry, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

It was a great honour to be the first of the business to operate it and drive it off the transporters.

"It's just so quiet with the electric engine, there's a huge health benefit and really good ergonomics inside for our operators", said Shane. 

A personal connection 

Shane has a special connection to New Zealand's Northland region, and to the team working there. Having been born in, and growing up in the area, he bought the original farmstead and 10 acres of land that he lived on and grew up in, to raise his own family. 

'I'm living in the house now that I was born in and that my sisters grew up in and my kids are growing up in it. So, there's a lot of mana with that," said Shane. 

Adding to the connection is that Shane's son works as an operator at the Puketona quarry, further driving his commitment to safety.

I wouldn't have my son working here if I didn't believe that Ventia and our northern business had a passion for safety and training and respect for their employees.

An unusual hobby 

While safety governs his day job, Shane's side hobby is a bit more on the wild side.

Man rides jet ski  
Pictured: Shane King competing International Jet Sports Boating Association World Finals in America

"I used to do supercross and motocross, and one of my friends bought a jet ski. I rode that and just fell in love with the sport. I was New Zealand champ back in the 90s. It's where I go to de-stress and it's my passion", says Shane. 

Shane recently competed in the International Jet Sports Boating Association (ISJBA) World Finals in America, placing 16th overall in his division, a huge achievement! 

Speaking of his hobby, Shane says, "My risk assessments on the weekend are quite different from during the week, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"