Ventia employee Daniel standing in front of a colourful background

Elderslie resident Daniel describes himself as funny, kind, friendly and an original character, but after months of applying for jobs, he became disheartened and felt undervalued.

This article was originally published by WISE Employment and can be found on their website under success stories.

As Daniel is on the Autism spectrum, his ability to work in particular roles can be challenging and when trying to find a position, he was knocked back or deemed not the right fit.

His first experience entering the workforce was applying for a warehouse assistant role. Offered only $12 an hour due to his disability, Daniel decided it was time to take a stand and find a new job service provider who understood his value and needs.

Joining WISE Employment in October 2022, Daniel met with Employment Consultant Cathy to discuss his endeavours.

Supported to find the right role

"Coming to WISE felt a bit daunting at first because I had been with another job service provider who wasn't supportive of me, spoke to me badly and didn't properly understand my needs. It was also my first real attempt at finding a job. I had previously worked with my uncle as a kitchen hand but felt I wanted to find something more permanent," said Daniel.

Excited by the idea of stability and financial independence, Daniel and Cathy worked one-on-one to better understand the kinds of roles he'd like to apply for, in addition to tweaking his resume and practising interview techniques.

Before long, Daniel was ready to begin the application process and had locked in a Zoom interview with essential services provider Ventia.

Offered a job with Ventia

"Daniel said the interview went really well despite his nerves. He worked hard to feel prepared for it, and it must have shown, because after a week, he was offered a job as a school cleaner!" said Cathy.

Daniel has now passed his probationary period and loves his new found freedom in finding employment.

The school I work at is for children with a disability and I absolutely love it. The team I work with have been incredible and I don't know what I'd do without them.

"Ventia is an amazing company to work for. They even paired me with a Disability Support Coordinator whose name is also Daniel, and he's helped me so much since day one," said Daniel.


Ventia employee Daniel cleaning a computer screen

Daniel continues to work at Ventia and makes both the kids' and other staff members' lives brighter.


A new-found confidence

Cathy and Daniel's Post-Placement Support Provider Jacqueline say they have noticed significant change in Daniel's demeanor since starting the role.

His confidence and the way he presents himself has totally changed. His communication skills and personable nature have really started to take shape, and it's so good to see him come out of his shell.

The support from Ventia and their willingness to better understand Daniel's needs are what make the company a stand-out employer and the key reason for him to thrive.

'A testament to Daniel's commitment and passion for his work is him accidentally showing up for a shift when he wasn't rostered on, but continuing to work to ensure the school stayed clean in his absence', said Cathy.

"Even on his induction day, everyone was offered a Ventia t-shirt and he was the only one that took it. He was just so grateful and humbled to be there. It was so special to see."

Daniel continues to work at Ventia and makes both the kids' and other staff members' lives brighter.

His next goal is to save for a costume for Comic-Con and eventually move into his own place, taking another step towards total independence.