For Raghad Smoqa, a project coordinator at Ventia working on our NBN Fixed Wireless contract, the last few years have been a challenge to navigate.

Originally from Iraq, Raghad completed a Bachelor's degree in computer science in Erbil in 2011. Over the next seven years, she held roles in accounting, administration, and customer service, working across the banking, education, and travel industries.

Unfortunately, as the situation in Iraq worsened, Raghad and her family were forced to flee into Jordan in 2018.

"The journey wasn't easy, making the decision to leave everything from our childhood home, our friends, our neighbours, all our relationships, and achievements that we built over three decades," says Raghad.

After spending several years in Jordan, Raghad and her family were able to come to Australia in September 2021.

When first arriving in Australia, Raghad said she faced lots of challenges, like improving her English and taking care of her family. It was difficult for her to balance looking for work and taking care of her family, but she knew that she ultimately wanted to return to work.

Pictured: Raghad Smoqa, Ventia project coordinator shared her personal experience as a new Australian and reestablishing her career at our CareerSeekers partnership event held in our Cremorne office in Victoria. 


"It was not easy to make the decision of finding work here, but as a person who loves working, it also wasn't easy to stay at home and just do my regular responsibilities", said Raghad. "It was important for me to start my career in Australia."

Connecting with CareerSeekers proved to be just the opportunity Raghad needed, with the training and support giving her the encouragement she needed to succeed and secure a role with Ventia and rebuild her career.

Since arriving at Ventia, I have had many opportunities to build my career, and I've been supported all the way through my internship to my role today.

"I have the confidence to leave my comfort zone and grow," says Raghad.

Raghad said the cooperation between Ventia and CareerSeekers has helped not just her, but other humanitarian entrants to Australia to feel accepted and to find their home in Australia.

"It feels like CareerSeekers are making a puzzle, by finding the right person for the right position, and empowering us to succeed and to be accepted by others", said Raghad.

"I love this role and it suits me, as I can use all my previous experience from overseas, and I'm not having to start from scratch."


Hear from Raghad and learn more about Ventia's partnership with CareerSeekers:

Top image: Raghad says she has grown in confidence and feels empowered to succeed.