Our Young Transport Professionals

Senior leaders from across Ventia's Infrastructure Services division recently shared their wisdom, and some lessons learned from their careers, as we brought together young professionals from our Transport business for a day of training and development. 

Our 11 bright sparks, nominated by their managers, came together with the aim to network, learn and develop personal brands. 

With presentations from our strategy, finance, marketing and innovation teams, the group had the opportunity to poke and prod our leaders and ask all the gritty questions!

They were also luckily enough to meet Chris Turnbull, Engineer and Roads Australia 2019 Fellow who shared his insights from his career across engineering and transport. 

Chris (like Ventia) is a fan of Venn diagrams and used one to provide some helpful tips for finding balance between family, work and adventure.

Vic Hensley, GM Transport Ventia

Vic Hensley, GM Transport Ventia, who started his career in geology and has had his own interesting career journey, finished the day with both praise and a challenge for our young professionals:

"You're all here today as you are rising stars. The future of the company is people like you", Vic said. 

"Do what you enjoy. But when you are faced with a challenge…treat it as a building block in your career. You'll be surprised where your career takes you." 

Ellen Pollard, from our Venture Smart team in Western Australia who attended the day said it was a great opportunity to meet and network with like-minded young professionals.

"I was able to gain a greater insight into the sheer scale of this organisation, and the different working areas of Ventia," Ellen said. 

"It gave me a sense of pride to be working for a company so focused on the development of young professionals."

We're incredibly proud of our talented and engaged people and are continually seeking ways to foster early careers.