Team member Suzanne Galea pictured working on-site in high-vis attire

When she's not providing specialist electrical services to our clients, out telecommunications apprentice electrician Suzanne Galea loves nothing more than working on cars.

As a former motor mechanic, Suzanne is more than comfortable under the hood. She is also able to bring some of that experience to her role within the Telecommunications Essential Services business.

"There's a lot to learn that's for sure but like any job, with time it gets easier," she said.

"This is not my first job, I did an apprenticeship as a mechanic before this, so I understand what is required when learning a new trade."

Suzanne has been with Ventia for about ten months now and despite knowing very little about the telecommunications industry before joining, already has long-term ambitions.

"I'm interested to keep learning all there is to know about the industry," she said.

"It's been an interesting journey the last ten months, I knew very little about the industry at first which was a bit daunting, but I'm learning a lot as I go.

"There's definitely a need for young people within the industry to come in and learn all about it so I would definitely be keen to stay in the area.

"Right now, though I'm just focussed on finishing my training."

As an apprentice electrician within the Essential Services business, there isn't really a typical day for Suzanne, but it can range from battery changes for back-up power through to wiring up of AI Remotes.

"It's pretty fascinating going into the exchanges, seeing how they were built and how they operate, and seeing all the different equipment throughout these buildings," Suzanne said.

As for her love for cars, that remains, and she is hoping to save some of her wages to put towards a special set of wheels.

"I'm not sure what kind of car I'd like to own, all I know is that it needs to be an old school Ford and a V8," she said.