As General Manager of Ventia's Rig & Well Services business, Australia's largest provider of onshore drilling and well servicing, Kyle Koziol has a busy and demanding job - and he wouldn't have it any other way. 

Not only is Kyle responsible for more than 700 employees, 35 rigs, and successfully delivering client contracts with many of the world's biggest resources and energy companies, he is also actively involved in Ventia's social performance program; something he states is of huge importance for the business and himself personally.

We have a real and very important responsibility to make a positive impact and contribution beyond simply employing people in the communities within which we live and operate, particularly those in regional and remote areas where we are such a large employer.

"Ventia's social performance program is very important to me,' he said. 'It provides opportunities for all of us to better engage with and support our regional and Indigenous communities, and it also allows prospective employees in these areas to see for themselves that the company 'walks the talk' - that we are genuine about being part of the community, are inclusive and care about their local regions.'

Ventia's Community Grants Program

"One way we are doing this is through our Community Grants Program providing up to $2,000 for essential community projects like training programs, sports and playground equipment, learning kits for students, art supplies and other tools and resources. Making infrastructure work for our communities is what we do and we are committed to making a positive impact in regions where we have key operations," Kyle said.

With more than 20 years' experience - 14 of those with Ventia's Rig & Well Services business and its predecessor Easternwell - Kyle is a highly skilled business leader. Originally completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management and Marketing in his native United States, Kyle has progressed through a variety of human resources, business development and strategy roles, paving the way for him to provide broad leadership in his current role as General Manager.

Supported by the team

Kyle attributes his successful career to a passion for the job, a genuine interest in people, and the support of a great team around him.

Members of Ventia

Being supported by a great team has played an important part for Kyle in his 14 years with Ventia.

One of the best parts of this job is the people I've met along the way.

"I have been very fortunate to work with this company for a long period of time, and in fact many of the people I met when I first joined this company 14 years ago are still here today - which says everything, ' Kyle said.

"It's a great place to work. We have a tight knit team of very talented people, the opportunity for great career paths, and there is a collective focus on the goals and objectives we want to deliver.' 

"Working in the oil and gas industry is hard work, but the career opportunities are endless," he said.

"If you come in with a great work ethic, you're curious, want to engage, and you're willing to give it a go - you will learn so much and go far.'

At the forefront of exciting change

"The resources and energy industry will always be crucial both here in Australia and overseas, and now with the transition to the changing energy mix, the industry will continue to go from strength to strength, providing the chance for willing workers to learn new skills and be at the forefront of exciting change.'

"My advice to anyone interested in furthering their career is to hop on board, give it a go, and you will find many people willing to teach you and helping you excel," Kyle said.

If you're an experienced Driller, Derrickhand, Motorhand or Floorhand, apply now to join our crews in the Surat Basin and enjoy the benefits of working for Ventia

Members of Ventia

Kyle (right) pictured with members of the Rig & Well Services team.