I always wanted to work on something that would make a positive impact for people and community.

Making a positive impact is something that Sirajus Salehin does very well.  

As our Water Quality and Environmental Specialist on the Yarra Valley Water contract, Sirajus helps to ensure the highest standards are being met by our teams working across the water network, on behalf of our client and end customers.  

It's his journey to this role however and the initiatives he is driving, which demonstrates the impact that Sirajus can and continues to have on Ventia and our client.   

Sirajus' journey to Ventia began when he relocated to Melbourne in 2021, joining the business in October of that year in a temporary water quality role. With a background in environmental engineering and urban water management, Sirajus was determined to make an impact from the outset. It didn't take long.  

So impressive was he in that position, that in just over six months, Ventia and client agreed that a permanent position, as water quality delivery team leader, should be created for Sirajus.    

Pursuing education and working in a water related field, my best outcome was to get a role where I would be able to work with water utilities and help to make positive changes. That desire brought me here to Ventia.

Driving outstanding outcomes for Ventia and our clients

That desire has led to some outstanding outcomes for Ventia and a deeper relationship with our client. In his short time with the business, Sirajus has helped to drive a number of initiatives including the development of a training module in water quality as well as his current pet project, a spoil management reuse trial which is aimed at driving more sustainable outcomes on the emergency works program. 

"We have investigated and analysed the contribution of naturally occurring substances to be considered in the waste classification process," Sirajus said.  

The ultimate outcome of this project will be to develop a reuse case where spoil from the field can be recovered, recycled and ultimately redeployed as part of the emergency works program.  

Sirajus passion for his role is evident in the enthusiasm with which he approaches his day job and the initiatives that he drives.  

"The water industry is very dynamic. I really enjoy working from the office on the management and planning side as well as from the field on the real-life implementation side," Sirajus said. 

"When I am focused on a topic, I do some background research about the process and how it is currently managed by others or what attempts have been made in recent times. Exploring all this information helps to build knowledge and motivation on the subject. 

"I try to act quickly and deliver positives to the client in areas of their concern and within my expertise. This keeps the mutual trust and collaboration with the client thriving."  

His manager Jacques Britz, who is the Operations Manager on the YVW contract, said that one of the things that makes Sirajus such an asset is his focus on the clients as well as his determination to achieve a goal. 

"Sirajus understands the client's needs" Jacques said. 

"He has the ability to overcome all challenges and keep pushing forward to get the required results. He drives accountability from all stakeholders, especially himself, to get results and displays ingenuity when faced with roadblocks or challenges."