Anna Collins was recently promoted to lead a major project installing 950,000 4G replacement modems on smart electricity meters across New Zealand.

The two-year contract, being undertaken by Ventia for new client Vector Metering, is exchanging 2G modems for 4G replacements across the smart meter network, helping modernise the measurement of energy use across homes and businesses.

Ventia sought out Anna for the new role based on her proven operational capability and ability to lead a diverse operational business. Under Anna's leadership, work commenced on the project on 2 August 2021, two weeks prior to a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. 

Anna says that whilst this had the inevitable impact of delaying the roll out of the program, the team's resilience and efficiency will see them on track to deliver in the original timeframe.

"We have developed an accelerated plan for the program and are looking at innovations designed to enhance our work management and mobility solutions to ensure we're delivering on time," Anna says.  

Anna was promoted from Telco NZ Business Performance Manager to Programme Delivery Manager for this important contract because of her extensive operational experience.


Pictured above: Anna Collins, Program Delivery Manager on site 

Speaking on her new role, Anna said: "I believe we are brilliantly placed to rollout this upgrade across the country because of our scalability and national footprint. I'm thrilled to be given the responsibility to lead such a significant Project for Ventia, having worked for the business and its predecessor Broadspectrum for over 10 years now.'

"One of my priorities as project lead other than to deliver a successful outcome is to ensure everyone from Ventia understands the end goal and knows the part they play in it," Anna says. "It's also crucial we have strong relationships with our partners."

Building strong relationships, both internally and externally, is key to Anna's success as a leader. 

I strive to empower my team and provide equal opportunity, embracing any form of diversity. 

"This will help us meet any challenges we face along the way with a focus on service excellence," Anna says.

The upgrade to the 4G network will allow meters to continue communicating once the Vodafone 2G network is decommissioned in 2025. 

The project is expected to involve up to 30 internal Ventia staff and more than 150 subcontractor technicians, who will install as many as 17 modems per day in high density urban areas. The majority of the modems being upgraded are situated outside of customers' homes, allowing the work to be done quickly and without interruption.

"I'm really excited to have this project underway, and I hope this leads to a great partnership with Vector Metering for years to come."

The Project began in the areas of Christchurch and Auckland and will expand to the Central and Lower North Island and the top of the South Island, followed by the rest of New Zealand.