Fatigue is one of the leading factors contributing to road accidents in Australia, accounting for 20-30% of all car crashes nationwide.  

Kenneth Garcia is a Network Engineer in our Telcommunications business in Victoria. Ken's job involves responding to callouts to handle faults or proactive and routine maintenance. One night after returning from a late callout, Ken suffered a microsleep behind the wheel. He was only three kilometres from home. 

"I dozed off a little bit and everything happened so fast", said Ken.  

His vehicle hit a curb, flipped over and landed upside down, causing ladders and other equipment to block two lanes of the highway. Fortunately, Ken escaped the vehicle relatively unhurt and no one else was involved in the accident. 

"In a perfect scenario, when I feel fatigued, I would pull over and take a five-minute power nap," he said, reflecting on the accident.

Look after yourself first and foremost, and your physical and mental state. Don't risk it, it's ok to take a break every once in a while.


Hear from Ken as he shares his sobering story.


At Ventia we are committed to ensuring safe driving and vehicle safety to protect our people, our communities and all those who are vulnerable on the road.   

Fatigue can happen to anyone. Don't risk driving when you are fatigued. There is nothing more important than getting home safely, every day.